Two Weeks After Bouri Weight Loss - Holding Steady

Some of you may have followed my weight loss with the Bouari Advantage Spray and support from the Bellevue Clinic. Well, it was a 30 days programme and ended around February 25. Since then, I have tried to make sure that I did not gain back the 14 or so pounds I lost during that period. So far so good, I have actually lost a couple more pounds in the last two weeks. This is what I have been doing that seems to help;

1. I eat a lot more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean sources of protein. I only went back to bananas last week and even then, I don't eat as much as I used to, maybe like one a day instead of three. Also having never been a fan, I now eat a lot more apples, like two a day. I discovered that what I didn't like was the tarty taste of Atala's favorite Granny Smiths. After trying a few other types, I think I'm in love with Fuji Apples, they are sweet and crunchy.

I have also mostly cut out milk - going instead for low fat cheese and yoghurt. Also, where I would have a sandwich and a glass of milk as breakfast before, now I have a boiled egg and a tomato or two. I am also eating more meat, chicken, beef, sausages, and fish, and drastically cutting back on starch including bread, rice, poundo, eba, potatoes, etc.

2. I eat more times than I used to. I have always been a eat when you're hungry type and would eat a large breakfast and then a large dinner - basically twice a day. Now I eat at least four times a day, trying to graze on the main meals so they go on for longer. For example, that breakfast of egg and tomato will go on for an hour where I'll have half the egg and a tomato, then the rest half and our later. The in-between are made up of snacking on fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers make a great snack, I tell you.

3. I eat smaller portions. This follows from the previous points. After cutting out most of the starch, I definitely have smaller portions on my plate, and I'm still filled at the end of the day because I have been snacking and may have just had an apple a couple of hours before. I realized that one reason I love bananas is because they're so easy to eat - just peel and pop in your mouth. What I do now is first thing in the morning, wash up the fruits and vegs I intend to eat that day, and cut them up. Remove the core in the apples and pears, cut up the cantaloupe and cucumbers, peel the oranges - that sort of thing. I put them in bowls in the fridge and then pull them out whenever I want.

4. I try to avoid temptation. i mentioned that I have a sweet tooth and that is still there. We used to buy a couple tubs of ice cream as a treat like once a month and have it last a week or two. Since february, we haven't bought that and maybe we won't anymore. What I think we'll do is go out for a cone or bowl of ice cream once in a while as a one-off treat. What has replaced that is more healthy foods - almond nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and of course, fruits and vegs.

5. I have started exercising. Yeah, I used to exercise before the weight loss programme but it wasn't encouraged during the Bouari protocol so I concentrated on the meal plan. Now, I have learnt a lot from the food samples but I believe that without the advantage spray, the best way to support my metabolism is by exercise. I have been using the elliptical for about 20mins three times a week for the past couple of weeks. We may also resume our exercise DVD soon.

Thanks to all those who left a comment on the last post on my weight loss, your tips are really coming in useful. I hope others who are trying to lose weight too will find my tips useful.

Hope everyone's week has started off well so far. All the best for the rest of it.

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience Day 28 - Three Days to Go

So I have to report that this week has not been the greatest. After losing weight consistently for the first two and half weeks, I am still yo-yoing since my monthly visitor.  My current weight is 140lbs though it was 138 yesterday. I wish I got a picture of that :(

The good thing is that I feel so much better about myself. In the picture above, taken soon after I arrived in the US in March 2009, I was wearing one of my old dresses, one I bought back in Edinburgh when I was still tiny from study and part-time job stress. I was already adding weight back then and after that, I haven't worn that dress, which is almost three years. I tried it on last weekend and though it was a bit tight, it was more like a slinky look. I kept preening in front of the mirror, lol...

I think I can comfortably look forward to sunnier weather, and the thought of dresses, shorts, beaches and bathing suits. I do  still have some ways to go as regards the weight loss. I want to lose more inches around my waist and tummy and see if I can get to my ideal weight of 135. That said, I am very happy with what I have accomplished so far.

The Bouari Weight Loss programme was a great incentive for me to take my weight loss seriously and stop procrastinating and I have to say, I'm proud of the 14 pounds I've lost. I have also learnt a lot from the meal plans and calorie counts in the booklet to enable me eat healthy. With the end in sight, and running out of the advantage spray and energy support, I have to make sure that I remain motivated. Working from home, it is really important for me to continue on this healthier regimen.

What do you guys suggest I do to keep motivated?

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience Day 22 - Still Doing it

The days are really slipping past quickly now that the end is in sight. Over three weeks gone and just about a week and a couple of days left before I come to the end of the program. Some days have not been as good as others but I think generally it has been not too difficult. During the last few days as I tended to my visitor, I hit another plateau and I think that kind of discouraged me.

I was yoyoing between 141 and 142 pounds for all week, and I ate some things I shouldn't have, sure, there was no excuse, but sha, I felt I was being too hard on myself. Anyway, the verdict is out and I've crossed the 140lbs mark. I can't remember the last time I was that weight, it must be like a year ago, if not more. So, I'm very happy as it seems my goal of 135lbs is doable after all.

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience Day 18 - Spa and Lunch out

Just a short update here. I'm still sticking to the plan, cutting back on the calories, but bulking up on the proteins, fruits and vegetables. It is still working, my current weight as shown above is 142.6lbs. I think it could've been better, but my cycle is wreaking havoc with me now, and I feel as bloated and constipated as a hippo (sorry hippo!)

Anyways, this past weekend marked the beginning of our anniversary thingies, and so I took Atala out for a spa treatment. Zouzou's Musings suggested that idea in reply to my What are you getting your love for Valentine post (thanks dearie). I made it a surprise, told him we were going for a walk and brunch. He laughed when we got to the spa place and so I knew I got it right. We definitely both enjoyed the amazingly relaxing full body massage. The venue was a lake front, and while we didn't have the awesome view during the massage, it was part of the foot soak and paraffin hand treatment. Wonderful, I tell you.

Afterwards, I took him out for lunch. While he tucked into his Salmon Steak, I managed the Garden Salad. I got his steamed vegetables and some of his Salmon too after I bribed him with Fish and Chips, that British staple :) And did I mention the restaurant was also located around the lake, and we had a window seat? It was marvelous quality time together, and now I don't mind that 14th is on a work day.

Have a lovely week all. More marriage avowals are on the way.

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience Day 13 - What I'm eating

This will be a short report since it's not been so long since I updated. Not much has been happening but after our grocery shopping this last weekend, I've been able to switch up my meals and I'm loving it. There was this particular recipe in the booklet that was new to me and which I wanted to try. Except in the occasional Greek lasagna, and the usual fried, scrambled and boiled eggs or omelette, I hardly ever use eggs in cooking. So Huevos Rancheros sounded like just the thing.

It was a simple enough recipe; with a little olive oil, stew some onions, tomatoes, chili, and bell peppers together for about 20mins. Spice to taste as you cook and then pour everything into an oven dish. Make holes in the stewed vegetables and crack in your eggs (you can use only egg whites too). Preheat oven to 350F and bake for 15 minutes. It turned out awesome and has a place firmly in my repertoire of dishes.



In other news, how come I've just discovered Cantaloupe? This is one great fruit. So, I'm quite conservative when it comes to fruits, I have my favorites like Bananas, oranges pawpaws, cherries, pears, watermelons, strawberries, grapes and sometimes apples. Mostly Bananas to be honest. But since I've basically cut out Bananas from my diet in the meantime, I have to be more open. That was why I added Cantaloupe and Pomelo to our fruit list.

Well, if your taste is anything like mine, and you enjoy sweet and juicy with a bit of crunch, you'll definitely like cantaloupe. I cut up one on Monday morning and we just finished it, absolutely fantastic. The Pomelo grapefruit? Maybe not so much. I think I'll stick with lemons and oranges on that one. :)

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience - Day 9: Doing it Right

Sorry to those following these posts. I was supposed to update yesterday but was overtaken by some errands which spilled over into today. Anyway, I have some good and bad news to report. As you can see from the picture above, I've lost some more weight. So this makes a total of 8.6 pounds that I have lost so far. That is the good news. The bad news was, yesterday, I was at 146.4 and had been hovering between that and 147 for the previous two days. My weight loss had plateaued, and this was days ahead of what was usually the case. Why, you ask? I wasn't really following the meal plan in the program booklet.

I had an appointment with my health consultant yesterday, and as it happened, the founder of the Bouari program who drew up the nutrition plan, Dr. Carol Ann Chaney-Bouari, was there. The health consultant for the Tukwila branch of the program, Alan, was also there. It was a very interesting hour or so, as we really went into the plan in the booklet, with the sample menu and the acceptable food list.

You know, I had mentioned earlier that I did not want to change my routine too much so that I could get back to it after my 30-day program ended. But that was a bad decision, and was actually sabotaging the program. The Bouari protocol, if followed closely, with the suggested food choices, is supposed to raise the body metabolism. By eating my usual foods, especially bananas, carbohydrates and dairy products, I was drawing my body back to its usual slow way of processing the food I eat.

For instance, Carol explained that the banana is a high-glycemic fruit, which means that it supplies the body quickly with sugar, but is also easily converted to fat. One thing that she pointed out to me in the suggested menu plan is the requirement to eat some protein with almost each meal. It could be an egg, a small portion of chicken breast or steak, some shrimp, and fish. Each meal is also supposed to have some of the acceptable fruits or vegetables.

Another way I had been cheating on the plan was in the amount of liquids I was taking. I needed half an ounce of water per body pound but was barely taking a third of that. It is required to help regulate my system and also flush out metabolized substances.

I came away from the discussion much more aware of the science of how the body works, and how I could help my body to perform better. I had complained that there seemed to be too much eating going on, with three main meals and two snacks. However, my health consultant, Joni, made an analogy of the body to how the car works.

Food is fuel to the body, and like a car, the body needs fuel. However, we decide the kind of fuel we give to the body. The Bouari protocol, with the meal plan, teaches one how to give the body premium fuel. Simply reducing portions of the wrong foods, or starving oneself, is analogous to running on adulterated fuel or worse, on empty. (By the way, Joni may be coming over later, so you may leave your questions or comments for her.)

I loved that analogy, and now I'm very excited and looking forward to a healthier weight loss experience.

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience - Day 4

If you haven't, please read my Day 1 post for starters.

What's my report? It's been good so far. I started the first two days, known as the fat load days, with slightly larger portions of what I would usually eat. For breakfast, I had a couple of slices of toast and omelette (2 egss). I had jam on the toast, with some grapes and oranges and a cup of hot chocolate. BTW, forgive my food photography skills, I will try to improve. So why did I have to eat so much, you ask?


It is part of the Bouari Protocol where binge eating the first two days works with the advantage spray to enable my body access abnormal fat deposits once I enter the low calorie days. The spray is the bedrock of the diet and has enzymes that make the body use fats stored for the rainy day in day to day metabolism. This combines with the intake after the first two days to ensure the dieter is getting enough energy all the time. So for lunch, I had potatoes boiled in their skin with stir-fried mushroom topped by alfredo spinach sauce. The chicken was the extra.

After a similar meal plan the next day, I felt charged to go into my diet. Surprisingly, the two days binge did not increase my weight, instead I was down to 150lbs by Day 3. It's been two days of my low calorie routine and I'm still feeling fine. My breakfast is usually some fruit and a cup of 2% low fat milk. The meal plan allows me three main meals and three snacks, however, I was used to my regular two main meals and two snacks and thought I would be able to stick to it.

What I discovered on Day 3 was that I was hungry by the time lunch rolled around. So I had my main meal around 4.30pm and then had a snack of crackers and juice by dinner time. That meant I could not have dinner together with Atala as is our way and I missed that. It was only later at night as I was filling in my planner that I realized I had forgotten to take the Energy and Appetite support.

So there are three supplements that come with the diet, the Advantage spray, Vitamin B12 drops and what I think are regular diet pills to support energy and suppress appetite. I took them on Day 4 and I was able to follow my usual meal pattern, breakfast - snack - dinner - snack. There has been no headaches, dizziness or any other adverse effects I can see. My weight at the end of the day was 148 pounds. I have to say I'm happy with that. I've never really done a "diet" diet so I have nothing to compare it with, but I do feel lighter and have also lost one inch around my waist, yippee :)

Well, the diet continues. I will update you again on Wednesday.

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience - Day 1

Yesterday, I went to the newly opened Bouari Clinic in my area to meet with a health consultant and my contact on the corporate side. You see, I had been accepted to blog about their weight loss programme in exchange for taking part in it. The program normally costs $599 per month, but in exchange for blogging about my experience with it, I will receive all the supplements and unlimited support for free. I have done some research myself and I don't think these supplements are harmful in any way. There are mixed reviews online but in this case, I want to find out myself. This is the official blurb;

Bouari Clinic offers a diet program that is based on endocrine system support through FDA registered supplements (vitamins, minerals and homeopathic preparations) that make your system very receptive to weight loss. The supplements also support energy and depress hunger. The dieter then eats a carefully prescribed program of low glycemic proteins, vegetables and fruits that are low in fat.
After speaking with the consultant yesterday, I am sure I took the right step. As some of you may know from my post on the Relationship 15 and Now that we're in 2012, I have been wanting to lose some weight. My current weight is 154 pounds, up from 135 just before my marriage. It was hovering around 150 most of last year but now all that rest and enjoyment over Christmas have added their bit. My problem is that though I exercise regularly and eat moderately, I don't seem to lose weight. All that seems to achieve is that I only add weight sloooowly, #notwhatIwant.

My goal is to lose that 15-20 pounds in this 30-days programme and then I can use the tips I learn to keep them off. I'm very impressed at the support that is being offered through Bouari, the clinic incidentally is just 10mins away from my house, and I believe it will make a lot of difference for me. For many people, losing weight is about looking good, for me I think I look OK at my weight. However, my BMI is not so good, and I also have a family history of type 2 diabetes, which means I have to be extra careful.

I understand that a lot of hard work will be required from me, but Atala is very encouraging. I'm excited and looking forward to positive changes in my weight and health. Come with me on this journey, as I'll be sharing my progress with you twice a week. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments. If you're losing weight too and want to share tips, please email