3 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

More and more people are choosing to become a blogger today - and with the number of benefits they can experience from this endeavour, it’s easy to see why. Blogging allows you to express yourself, share your passions and make a difference to the world. This platform can also help you refine your writing skills, share your knowledge and make money online.

How to Improve Health When Dealing With High Blood Pressure Using Apps

Having high blood pressure can be scary and confusing if you do not know how to care for yourself. I found some helpful tips and advice on lifestyle changes that made it easier for me to lower my blood pressure.  I was able to manage my high blood pressure and feel healthy again!

How To Properly Launch Your Small Business Website

When it comes to launching your official company website for your new business,
there are a number of domain hosting companies that offer excellent small business web design packages for new company owners who are launching their first website. This is an exciting time to be venturing on a new business, and the opportunities for immediate success and expansion have never been more widely and easily available. By following a few very important tips and guidelines, you can make the launch of your new business an instantly profitable enterprise.

Introducing Delaney Diamond's Johnson Family Trilogy

Delaney Diamond is a bestselling author of sweet and passionate romance novels and the creator of Romance Novels in Color, a review site that encourages diversity in the genre. Delaney also loves reading, and trying out new recipes, as well as dining out, and traveling. You can find free reads and first chapter of all her novels are at www.delaneydiamond.com. Check out her new Johnson Family Trilogy below, and click on the covers to buy on Amazon ...

Fifty Shades of Grey - Fifty Shades of Grammar

Although it topped bestseller lists around the world, E. L. James’ erotic romance novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, was widely panned by critics for its poor use of language.

The Grammarly team reviewed the book for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and learned that -- although there were some mistakes -- the errors were in alignment with similar gaffes in celebrated romances. It seems that the language of love really is a language of its own!

I can provide you with a list of the most frequent grammar mistakes from Fifty Shades of Grey, as well as some quotes from classic romances that also make these mistakes -- from Tender is the Night to Wuthering Heights to Pride and Prejudice.

Take a look at the infographic below...

Birds: A Unique Take on Valentine's Day & the Season of Love By Christine Goff

Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.

Birds have always been equated with love, from creationist mythology to medieval poetry to modern times—particularly white doves. In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite (the goddess of Love), is often pictured with doves. In Judaism, doves are symbolic of purity, tenderness and hope. Christians traditionally use the dove as symbols of peace and love. Pagans, Native Americans, military and pacifist groups, the peace movement and even the Communist Party have used doves as a symbol.

But what made birds symbolic of love? It wasn't until the 14th Century that Geoffrey Chaucer composed a poem in honor of the engagement of England's Richard II and Anne of Bohemia entitled "Parliament of Foules" that love, the mating season of birds, and St. Valentine's Day were linked. By 1928, when Cole Porter wrote his popular song lyrics for "Let's Do It," birds were well-established case studies for courtship and love.

Doves are the perfect symbol for romance because they are monogamous. Unfortunately, they don't actually exist in the wild. They are in reality, a white variety of the Ringneck Dove, a small bird—not a strong flyer—that possesses a rather underdeveloped homing instinct. When you see "white doves" released at weddings, you're really witnessing white homing pigeons, who are stronger flyers and will return to their coop.

Dark Girls Companion Book By Bill Duke Now Available On Amazon

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Black has never been more beautiful, witnessed by this magnificent collection featuring accomplished dark skinned-women from all walks of life. In Dark Girls, celebrities such as Lupita Nyong'o, Vanessa Williams, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Brandi and Karli Harvey, and over seventy-five other outstanding women share intimate insights into what their dark skin means to them.

How to Make Money as an E-Book Author

Writing and publishing a book once took some hard work and a lot of time and effort. After meeting with publishers and shopping your book idea around, you met with editors and went over multiple drafts of the book. Once the book finally landed in stores, you never knew if you had a best seller or if your book would land in the bargain bin. Those who went the self-publishing route had to research companies carefully to avoid potential scams. Thanks to Amazon and other websites, you now have the chance to make money and become an entrepreneur as an e-book author.

Book Recommendation - True Love By Jennifer Lopez

“This is a story of love. It started when love was lost and I felt as if my world had fallen apart. What followed was a transformative journey, through the process of developing my first world tour, where I faced some of my greatest challenges, overcame some of my greatest fears, and, with the help of my incredible children, emerged a stronger person than I’ve ever been”.

Jenniefer Lopez was married briefly to waiter Ojani Noa and back-up dancer Cris Judd, and after high profile romances with P Diddy and Ben Affleck, she was married for the third time to Marc Anthony. The two are now divorced and share twins, Max and Emme, to whom this book is dedicated.

Book Recommendations - Justice While Black

Publication Date: October 1, 2014

Justice While Black is a must-read for every young black male in America—and for everyone else who cares about their survival and well-being. This is a first-of-its-kind essential guide for African-American families about how to understand the criminal justice system, and about why that system continues to see black men as targets—and as dollar signs.

The book provides practical, straightforward advice on how to deal with specific legal situations: the threat of arrest, being arrested, being in custody, preparing for and undergoing a trial, and navigating the appeals and parole process. The primary goal of this book is to become a primer for African Americans on how to avoid becoming ensnared in the criminal justice system.