Tips To Look & Feel Your Best At Work


Working takes up a lot of your time and energy. You not only work to provide for yourself and your family but also because you’re passionate about what you do.

You’ll perform better and be more likely to get ahead when you look great and feel your best at work each day. There are steps you can take to help you achieve this goal and ensure that you’re giving off the right impression. It’s all about letting your own personality and style shine through with also being professional and finding ways to stay healthy and well.

Dress Right

One tip to look and feel your best at work is to dress right. You want to have an appropriate wardrobe at home so that you feel good every day when you go to get dressed in the morning. Make sure you invest in the staples and then consider mixing and matching your items for different looks. Learn about the dress code at your office and stick to it so that you don’t stick out or get into trouble. Remember that it is possible to look beautiful and sophisticated while staying professional at the same time. Get clothes that boost your appearance and fit you right and you’ll be on your way to achieving career success.

Take Care of Your Eyes

You can look and feel your best at work when you can see well and have the right glasses for your needs and face shape. Take care of your eyes by obtaining the right prescription and eyewear. The good news is that they now sell fashionable options to keep you looking stylish. Go online to learn more about ordering prescription lenses and high-quality frames that are attractive. Not only invest in better eyewear but also step away from your computer frequently to give your eyes and brain a rest.

Stay Active & Take Breaks

You’ll have more natural energy and be less sleepy when you stay as active as possible inside and outside of work. For instance, it may help to start your day off by working out or to take a walk at lunch to stretch your legs and get fresh air. Also, take frequent breaks away from your desk and you’ll feel better and be more productive daily. You can look and feel your best at work when you take good care of your mind and body and don’t let your stress take over. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed consider taking a rest to go fill up your water and walking around to get your mind off of your job for a few minutes. Staying active outside of work will help you focus better when you’re at work as well.

Get Enough Sleep

You must commit to getting better and enough sleep each night to look and feel your best at work too. Sleep is essential to you having energy and accomplishing your tasks to the best of your ability. You’ll commit fewer errors and mistakes and will be in a better mood when you get enough sleep at night. Find a relaxing bedtime routine such as reading a book or drinking warm tea instead of playing on your electronics. Also, set your bedroom up for optimal sleep by making sure it’s dark enough and having a comfortable mattress and pillows. You’ll wake up ready to seize the day and tackle your to-do list when you get enough sleep instead of dread it.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is also vital to you feeling and looking your best at work. When you’re busy and stressed out you may be tempted to drink a lot of coffee or sugary drinks. They may give you a short-term boost but will be detrimental to your health over the long-term. Instead, turn to drinking more water which will keep you hydrated, your skin glowing, and provide you with more natural energy to get you through your workday. It may help to keep a water bottle at your desk that you can fill up so you remember to drink it throughout the day.


These are a few practical tips and ways you can look and feel your best at work. You’ll have more energy and confidence in yourself and you’ll likely achieve your career goals at a quicker rate. You’ll be unstoppable when you’re in good health and have a smile on your face. Let these suggestions help you know where to focus your efforts and notice the positive impact they have on your life and job. People will be talking about you for all the right reasons and will want to know your secret to success. 


Top image via Pexels