POLL - Is There an Ideal Age Gap Between Couples?

Some article I saw recently said a 'study' had found that the ideal age gap between couples is 4 years and four months, or 52 months. Of course such studies are just fronts for someone wanting to sat something, in this case, they interviewed about 1000 men and women each and they gave their personal opinions which they compiled. My opinion is that when in love, age is just a number, still I know those numbers plays a role in how compatible a couple can be.

Some times, there's the so-called generational gap, things people of a certain age range are exposed to growing up, and which they end up enjoying and sharing in common. Other times, it's the expectation of a certain level of respect by the older person, usually the man, from his younger partner, and when she tries to be to over-cozy, trouble may ensue. So what do you think, use the poll below, or share in the comments, thanks.

Poll - Ideal Couple Age Gap