Picture Tutorial - How to Make Gizzard and Mushroom Sauce

At the beginning of starting my food blogs, I didn't think I could take pictures while cooking. I'm usually very fast and functional whenever I'm in the kitchen, but I was on my phone the other night while making dinner and thought, hey, I can do this picture tutorial thing, you know? It was a bit touch and go, but I think I got the most important steps :)

Let me know what you think, picture tutorial or step-by-step description recipes?

Start by simmering the gizzard in half a cup of water. Add salt, one cube of maggi, and spices to taste. Cook for 10mins.

Cut and wash your mushrooms

You need three medium sized tomatoes and half and onion for the base of the sauce

Chop the tomatoes and onions

Add the mushroom, chopped tomatoes and onions, and cook for another 5 mins, stirring at intervals.

I love vegetables and so I added broccoli to the sauce.  The broccoli is frozen here, so I cooked for another 5 mins till it is cooked through and the sauce is simmering again.

The sauce is almost ready. Check for salt and that you're OK with the taste. Reduce to lowest heat setting.

For the couscous, bring water to boiling. Add a pinch of salt and half a table spoon of butter. Pour in your couscous and stir. Cover and leave to sit for about 5mins. Open the pot, and using a fork, stir the couscous. It is ready.

Serve the gizzards and mushroom sauce on the couscous

Food is ready, enjoy!