My First Baby Shower in America

I think Baby Showers are an American construct. I never heard about it while in Nigeria and in my time in the UK, I had a few friends/colleagues who had babies, but there were no baby showers. In Nigeria, usually, the celebration is after the woman has had the baby, and there is baby powder and laughter and rejoicing.

Here in the US, the birth of the baby is heralded a few months or weeks before the ED and it helps the mother to be to keep up the excitement as she receives gifts from family and friends that help her prepare for the arrival of the new baby.

I had missed a couple of previous showers which took place while I was in Nigeria, but when a new friend, who happens to be from my village in Asaba, invited me to her baby shower, I just knew I had to be there. It was a great way to celebrate that joy with all the other women there, and to show support to my sister/friend. Now counting down the days to welcoming the new baby :)

The celebrant

Celebrant's mum and her friend

One of my favorite blog readers 

Some of the gifts

A game - match the celebrity to the wacky baby name. I actually came third, wow! I know more about pop culture than I care to admit, lol...

Lovely ladies, love the smile

Chatting with his mum while he does what babies do best, go after my jewelry :)

Discussing baby names

Food was very yummy, loved the plantain especially

Baby Shower - the party decor was both pink and blue, they're waiting till birth to know the baby's gender :)

There was a game and their team won the awesome goody bags

Pretty faces

Lovely ladies!

Yummy cake

The whole party - I think some kids were busy somewhere sha.

The celebrant with her mum, MIL and her two daughters

I didn't know what to get so I took along a gift card. Now I know Pampers and Huggies are the name of the game :)

The organizers of the shower, they did a great job!