How to Make Igbo Men Fall in Love With You - Search

I just had to share this query so I can post Flavor NAbania's picture seeing as I missed him out in the February Man Candy list :)

This question came in through my stats and I think a few posts of mine are useful to answer this search query

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Some of the half-joke, half-serious tips include the following

1. You must know how to keep house, and especially how to cook.
2. Learn how to speak Igbo, if only to say "Nna anyi" (Lord and master). Remember to bow when you say it.
3. Your skin has to be shining like the sun, whether dark or fair, preferably fair. Rub oil on it at all times, use ude aku (palm nut oil) if you can find it.
4. Be prepared to have many children, at least two boys and of course a girl to help you serve her father.
5. Your career is not really that serious. You are now an Ori-aku (chopper of wealth) and so you can stay home and keep busy looking after the house and children
6. You will attend village and town union meetings, and be a cute and beautiful ambassador - a la Bianca Ojukwu.

If it doesn't work, go through his mother :)