How Important is a Sense of Humor to You?

One of my readers who regularly responds to my posts via email sent a reply to the post on 15 Things I Love about my Nigerian Husband, noting that I did not mention a sense of humor. And I got to thinking about it. I asked Atala and he mentioned that one acronym he quickly learned when he tried online dating websites for the first time was GSOH - Good Sense of Humor.

That was the first I was hearing about that. BTW, I remember one guy that tried to chat me up on FB last year, he typed, ASL, I was like huh? He typed it again and I asked, what does that mean? I'm sure he thought I was dumb, but once he told me what it stood for and added some other funny stuff, I closed the chat and blocked him.

Back to GSOH, supposedly women are turned on by a great sense of humor in a guy and it is a pre-requisite in profiles for dating online. I have to admit that I like a guy with a sense of humor, but the thing is that humor is so relative, and some things are funnier in certain situations than in others.

For instance, when you're already in reminiscing mode, jingles from old TV ads sound hilarious, not so much when you're tired and waiting at the bus stop under the grueling sun.

What is more important to me is someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, and who can also read a situation and make relevant quips, only when necessary. Nothing turns me off than someone who thinks they're a competitor to Ali Baba or Eddie Murphy, and who throws wisecracks around like confetti.

Give me a guy who can hold his own in most conversation, deep or flimsy, and knows when and how to keep it rolling along on fun wheels and that's fine with me. GSOH? I guess.

What about you? Must a guy or lady spout lines that have you clutching your tummy in laughter before they can get through to you? What sort of humor do you prefer?