Dear Aunty Flo - Tales from that time of the Month

I was catching up on Kiky's blog recently when it all came coming back to me, the embarrassment  the distress, the back-to-front skirts, strategically placed long notes, and sweaters draped around the waist. It was a post on leak proof Dear Kate panties, which are supposed to protect women during that time of the month from over flows and spills caused by Aunty Flo.

Who even labeled it Aunty Flo? BTW, if you're a guy and still wondering what this is about, you may want to stop reading now. If you're a 'lady', you may also want to read something else, like my wedding page :)

When I was growing up, I first knew it by the biological name, menstruation. It started around the first or second year of secondary school. Mine showed face in my third term JS3 and then stayed away for the longest. In JS2, it came back with a bang. I was in class, when I stood up to go get something, someone called my attention to the patch on my skirt. I'd kind of felt the wetness, but it was a hot day, and I thought it was sweat. That was just the beginning of my woes.

By the time I got to senior secondary school, I'd learnt the name period, but only because I frequently had a large red period on the back of my skirt every once in a while. Even worse, my uniform now wasn't the navy blue of Queen's School, but the pale green of Science School. On more than one occasion, I wanted to sink into the ground and never appear again.

Of course, I've heard other people's stories of their monthly period mishaps. But I think mine is just extreme. I'm surprised when I'm still standing after each period. They last for seven days sometimes, and I lose what seem to be buckets of blood. I'm serious. I lose like 2 pounds after each episode.

Then the spills and overflows. Almost every other month, I have an incident, sometimes, a full-blown accident. I tried using tampons once upon a time, what a joke. The biggest size I bought didn't last an hour, and that panty did not live to tell the tale. Nights are the worst. No position is safe, I have to wake up almost every thirty minutes to be sure the bedspread hasn't become the red sea.

OK, I know I'm grossing out even the thick skinned people still reading, lol...

I'll stop now. Just had to get that off my chest. I have just put in an order for a couple of Dear Kates, and I just wanted to share with others who have the same problem. Or am I the only one?

PS, this is not a review or promo, paid or otherwise, I do not know the people behind the panties. But if I do use them and have a good experience, I won't mind being their brand ambassadors. For free. In your face, Aunty Flo!