15 Things I Love About My Nigerian Wife

Myne told me she was writing a post about what some of the features she thought women wanted in their husbands, or at least, what they looked for. I was pleasantly surprised when I caught up with her blog and she had made the post more specifically about what she loved about me [15 Things I Love about my Nigerian Husband]. Of course, I was blushing with modesty, and then the self ego massaging quickly took over. But there is time for everything, and this is time for retaliation. Here are 15 things I love about Myne.

1. She’s intelligent. One of the things I liked about Myne from the get go when we were interacting online was how she would articulate her well-reasoned out views on topics. Even now, there are many times I’ll come up with a proposal on how we should do something, and she’ll point out aspects that I not thought about. Being exposed to her views on issues has really helped me grow as a person.

2. She’s considerate. She doesn't always want to have or get her own way, sometimes she's very willing and maybe even happy to compromise, and let me have my way. I still ride my bike to work, yay! Everybody is still shocked, but on a serious note, why should I stop what I love doing only because I'm married? I do try to be less of a daredevil coming downhill.

3. She’s curious about the world. I’m also a very curious person myself, and I think it’s great that we can discover the world together. Not just in the places around us, but also within us.

4. She’s compassionate. Even before we got married, I saw the way she showed concern for less fortunate people when she didn’t have to. It makes me want to be better.

5. She doesn’t see the world in black or white. This means that she’s not dogmatic and inflexible, and it makes it easier for her to see my point of view. It also means that sometimes she drives me crazy wondering if she's playing devil's advocate, or if she's being serious.

6. She’s adventurous, and this means she convinces me to see and do things that I otherwise would not be inclined to do. But not as far as doing things like standing on the ledge at the Grand Canyon, like she did on our last road trip.

7. She’s caring. Very often, she’ll ask after my welfare, even when I haven’t expressed any discomfort. She tells me she loves me, which makes me happier than she'll ever know. Oh oh...now she know.

8. She’s frugal. She always questions the value of a purchase so that we don’t end up with unnecessary expenses.

9. She’s curvy in the right places.

10. She’s laid back, and this acts as a good counterbalance to my more excitable personality. Not that she can't get stirred up about things she's passionate about, but in the past few years, I've come to appreciate what a comfortable silence means.

11. She’s playful - she knows how to look at the lighter side of things, and that helps to keep things smooth between us. I love that sense of a child's wonder in her sometimes, it makes me feel younger too.

12. She’s generous, not just to me but towards others. But not to a fault.

13. She’s well spoken.

14. She cooks, and cooks well. Or let me say, I'm happy to eat whatever she cooks.

15. She’s neat – this works well for someone like me who likes a tidy environment.

To summarize, it works well for us that in some ways we're very similar, and in some ways we're different too. This allows us peace and quiet sometimes, and also leaves room for excitement too.