Love Like A Movie - Red Carpet Video and Photos

Well, I've seen more pictures and a video of the Love Like a Movie concert and I'm so impressed. Congrats to Darey and his wife/ Soul Muzik for putting together the amazing show. I see that he performed to acting from stage acrobats, I guess that's where the movie part comes in. I will be seeing Cirque du Soleil myself this week so I know if I had been in Lagos, I would have attended the event for their sake alone. Also, let me not lie, I am a Darey fan and he is one of my man candys :)

BTW, someone called me a hater in the comments to my earlier post about Kim K in Nigeria. I wrote how it doesn't make sense to me how short her appearance was, and the fact that she's a reality TV star and did nothing in particular at the show. I'm not hating, but some people in their comments have let me realize how many Nigerian women of the sort to attend the show, see Kim Kardashian as aspirational. OK, I see, and I apologize to her fans. And after all, it is their money to spend how they like :)

Anyway, enjoy the video and more pictures below;

See more pictures here

Happy Monday everyone and have a great week!