Have You Been Eating Horsemeat?

It has been in the news for several weeks now, and new details are revealed on a daily basis. I am talking about the media frenzy about the "Horsemeat Scandal" where it has been alleged and proven in some cases that horsemeat has been used fraudulently in processed meat products like sausages, mince and lasagne.

Usually beef, pork and chicken are the meats listed on such products but health officials and inspectors have found horse meat in them. So yeah, if you live in the UK and Europe, and you are a fan of processed meat, you may have eaten horsemeat. Tesco was my second shopping destination while I lived in the UK, so maybe I ate it back then, who knows?

I was discussing with some people and they said, so what? I mean, they say they don't mind eating horsemeat, after all people eat frogs, snails, kangaroo, alligator, dogs, monkey, snake etc. In Nigeria, if you don't know the source of the animal you're eating, you call it bushmeat :)

I don't know...I wouldn't knowingly eat all these strange meat, what if it is human flesh? But hey, if I can be sure where it's coming from, maybe I wouldn't mind giving it a taste, just for the experience, but seriously eating dog, cat, or horse meat just seems wrong. Blame all the Hollywood movies I've seen, but I think of them as pets and friends rather than sources of food.

Oya confess, who shops at Tesco and has become hooked on horse meat? LOL...

Which meats would you prefer never to ever taste? Is horse meat one of them?