Happy Valentine's Day - Ask Me Anything!

I hope everyone is having a fun day, by themselves, with friends or family, or with a love interest or significant other. Valentine's Day happens to be Atala and I's wedding anniversary, and so it is extra special for us. Plans have been made and both of us will be taking most of the day off for some sweet TLC and relaxation. Like I told an interviewer recently, a "massage for two is on the cards, as is a dinner. The real fun starts after all that." LOL...can't wait!

On this blog, it is three and a half years since I started blogging, and you guys have been awesome all the way. As I find my feet more and more in what I do, I want you guys to also feel at home here. One way to do that is for you to know me better. Some of you who have been following from the beginning, and paying attention, probably know even the size of my bra. But if you're new or have any pending questions, personal or otherwise, put it down in the comments, and I promise to tackle it.

Happy Valentine's Day!