Adams Apples Season 2 Premieres Feb 14th

The Adam's ladies are back. Or they will be, come Valentine's day for those in Ghana. Oh...I wish I were there! Adam's Apples is a Sparrow Production’s 10-chapter film series directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso. I only just finished watching the series over the Christmas holidays, and thought that was it. But there's season two, which is going to be on TV [does that mean it comes online sooner?] Below is part of the transcript from a video interview with Shirley on what to expect;

Well, we’re meeting the Adams family a year after we left them. And we left them on a very good note. So, yes, there wasn’t much of a cliff-hanger but I guess the interesting this is where can we take the stories of these people who seem to have found happiness at the end of a very long, for want of a better word, turbulent life experience. We are starting the second season on a big bombshell. Okay? Yes.

And we are taking…I think the most exciting part for us is the fact that we’re starting, not necessarily from Ghana. We’re starting some of the scenes from Paris with Jennifer and her young husband on honeymoon. And then, of course, we’re catching up with all the other couples. But we come to realise that after marriage, after you’ve said your ‘I dos’, that’s when life really begins, you know, for married couples.

And in Episode 1, it was just Baaba and her husband who were married. The other two sisters were not. But they are all married now. So we have a lot of married issues. We’re talking about children; we’re talking about being married to a younger man (in the case of Jennifer Adams) and if indeed … we’re talking about family in-laws. We’re talking about business. We’re gonna be focusing a lot on business and how business affects the lives of these people.

We’re also talking about the head of the family, which is Mrs. Adams. She’s the only person who is still not married, because in Season 1 we realised that her husband was dead and she had tried to date one or two men. She has a permanent man in her life but she is going to struggle with handing over the…sort of…sharing her responsibility as the head of the house with another man. So we’ve got a lot of that. We’ve got a lot in Season 2. I dare say that Season 2 has a lot more interesting twists and turns as compared to Season 1.

What do you think of the trailer of Adam's Apples Season 2? I see new characters, new plot and storylines, more marriages, and Jennifer is still getting up to more sexy sassy wahala! LOL...