10 Ways to Have a Memorable Valentine's Day

Valentines Day — the day of love! But sometimes Valentine’s Day can end up being the least romantic day of the year with the majority of people buying the same thing for their loved one year in year out. The same old flowers, chocolates or even a dodgy card can put you in the dog house, resulting in the infamous Cupid’s arrow being aimed at your head not your heart!

Many people seem to celebrate the day out of obligation rather than celebration, but the best advice is to ‘think’. Put in a bit of original thought and it will be obvious that you have made some effort this time round.

So what can you do make your loved one love you in return on Valentine’s Day? The team at realbuzz have come up with some great ideas to ensure that Cupid’s aim is as true as your intentions.

Go for a romantic meal

We’re not talking about your usual run-of-the-mill lunch or fast food joint. Pick somewhere different, classy, and preferably expensive. An establishment with Italian or French tones will be a safe bet to ensure a successful evening.

Cook a meal

If you don’t fancy a meal out, then why not cook one yourself? Even if you think you are the worst chef in the world, it is likely that your efforts will be appreciated. Get yourself a decent bottle of wine to compliment the meal — or wash away the nasty aftertaste! Remember — don’t try to cook anything too ambitious and the key to it all is timing.

Consider making something for one another

The one sure fire way to give your partner something unique is to make it yourself. It could be something as simple as a card, or you could try being a bit more ambitious and use your home PC along with a bit of your creative genius to make something; a collage of photographs of favorite times together perhaps? You could even try writing a poem or compiling a list of things you love about your partner or possibly making a CD of songs you both like.

Get pampered together

More and more and more places are making their facilities open to couples who can enjoy being pampered together. Even if you are not into all the treatments, you can still go along, sit back and relax while your partner receives the attention they deserve. If you can’t get away, consider doing all the pampering for your partner — buy some sensual oils, candles and turn your home into a spa for the evening.


Okay, so it’s the obvious choice, but who isn’t partial to a bit of jewelry or a nice watch? If you don’t really know what to buy then try asking one of your partner’s friends what they think they might like. Remember to keep the receipt and don’t be offended if they don’t like it — it is better to swap it than waste your money.

Spend some quality time together

Forget nagging about how each of you spend your spare time — why not get together? Go for a round of golf, take a long walk or go to the theatre together — any of your favorite pastimes. Consider doing something that the other person enjoys — you never know, you may actually enjoy it!

Visit a romantic city

If you’re feeling really generous then head for a romantic city. Some popular romantic destinations include Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco, or for a mellower romantic break you might want to consider heading to the beaches of Honolulu. Don't use the excuse that you have left it too late — you can still book a romantic break away for a weekend in the future. Just print off the tickets, wrap them up in a red bow and leave them on your lover's pillow — the perfect gift.

Celebrate with 12 days of Valentine’s Day

Like the Christmas period everything doesn’t necessarily have to end after the day in question — romance is not meant to last just one day! You could prolong the fun by using the days following to do a special act or gesture. It doesn’t have to be anything big — just something that lets your partner know you are thinking about them.

Flower ideas

If you really must say it with flowers, then consider doing something original. You could have rose petals strewn around the house, in the bedroom and bathroom, or simply arrange to have them delivered to the workplace or the restaurant where you may be eating later. Just don’t turn up with the same box standard fare and definitely nothing from a gas station!

And if you happen to be by yourself ...

Maybe you’re one of the many who is without a significant other and maybe alone on Valentine’s Day — but this does not mean you have to miss out on the fun. If you don’t have anybody to spoil, why not take it as an opportunity to spoil yourself? Treat yourself to a bit of pampering, buy yourself something nice, or head out for a fun evening with a friend. Spend the day doing what you want to do and make it a special day just for you.