When Will a Guy Initiate a Relationship?

When this question came in from my keyword searches, it was kind of a head-scratching moment. What was this person really looking for? He or she was directed to the post written by Atala on when a relationship actually begins at #1 but to me, it didn't quite seem to answer the question.

I may be wrong, and that post definitely answers the qustion, which was what Atala said seeing that Google search is a pretty accurate mind-reader and tool. But I can't help thinking, what if this asker is a lady, and what she actually means if whether the some things have to happen in a friendship-type relations with a guy before he will try to initiate a relationship.

I don't know if I'm making much sense, but as a lady, I know the gazillion hours of thinking and talking with girlfriends that goes into demystifying the headspace of guys we may like. There's the obvious, "he likes me, he likes me not" to the less obvious, "He asked me to join him and his coworkers for drinks at the pub, he just asked me out on a date!"

Maybe this is something like that scenario of a lady in a dilemma, only this time she wants to know what's she's doing or not doing, and agonizing over why this guy she likes is not asking her out or trying to move their friendship to the next level.

Things running through her mind may include,

- should I touch him more, hair or biceps?
- is looking into his eyes sufficient to show that I'm totally into him?
- if I call him for the fifth time before noon, is that stalking?
- what's his zodiac sign, is the moon over mars or vice versa?
- I'm now a de facto 'one of the boys', what next?
- I'm standing at his apartment door with all my stuff, will that do?
- if this neckline is any lower, my girls may just pop out of this top!
- I hope I do't need to whack him over the head with them before he initiates this relationship!

This is me trying to be funny, but you get the idea. What does a girl have to do to get a guy to initiate a romantic relationship? Does she even have to do anything? Will whatever she does even have an effect on whether he makes the move or not? Maybe a guy will initiate a relationship when he is ready and not before?