Previously on 'Scandal' - #WhoShotFitz

Who else is following this show? Last week's episode of Scandal ended on a shocking scene of the president Fitz Grant being shot while attending his birthday dinner. Immediately, ABC launched a #WhoShotFitz campaign on Twitter exploring the theories and questions behind this storyline.

I have joined the hashtag #WhoShotFitz and have been following the tweets of the cast and other fans in anticipation of this week's episode, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President,"

According to the promos, in today's episode, Olivia returns to work at the White House to manage the catastrophic crisis, and we learn more about the first few days of Fitz's presidency through her flashbacks. Check out the videos below. I tell you, no one writes love and sex like Shonda Rhimes

There are a lot of memories for Olivia Pope in the White House it seems, including escapades and assignations with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) in the Oval Office and the Rose Garden. How do you think Olivia and Fitz celebrated his presidential victory? The clips above show their steamy hookup scene christening the Oval Office (so not safe for work!), and a love declaration that surpasses anything Meredith and Derek came up with in Grey's.

At this point though, I have to be honest and say that I an not rooting for Olivia and Fitz. Yeah, yeah, the love is touching and intense, but come on! It's been what? Two years? And he is married for land's sakes. If he loves her so much, then leave your wife and resign the presidency if it comes to that, haba.

Now this new senator guy I can totally go for. Olivia should forget the president and move on. Shikena.

So if you are watching, who do you think is behind the shooting of the president? What do you think will happen to Fitz? Do you think they will kill him off? And did you see the sexy scene, is it hot or what? Are you team Olivia and Fitz, or are you ready for her to move on?