Movie Review - The Man with the Iron Fists

Atala - When I first saw the trailer for this film, my first reaction was "Huh?" A man whose body turns to metal? An action sequence that I wasn't sure was dancing or fighting? I was sort of curious, but I put it out of my head after a day or two.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, and Myne and I were trying to decide what film to watch. We were going to watch 'Flight', a film that I had set my eyes on for a while, but the film times didn't work for us. So we had a look at what else was on offer. Thus it was that "The Man with the Iron Fists" reasserted itself into my consciousness again, and thus it was that we went to watch it, despite my apprehension at some negative reviews I saw about it.

It turns out my fears were misplaced, because the film turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. The main story is about a blacksmith who unwittingly ends up endangering the village he lives in when the weapons he makes fall into the hands of the baddies.

The plot has enough twists here and there to make it interesting, but the its main function is to serve as a framework for the extravaganza of choreographed martial-arts action. If you've ever watched a martial-arts movie, you'll know what I mean: bodies gyrating through the air, legs and arms windmilling with deadly and calculated precision; ten men being dispatched in exquisite style by one.

And blood. Lots of it. Yes, the movie was very gory in parts; I think that this may have had something to do with the influence of Quentin Tarantino, who has an association with RZA, the director of the movie. Fortunately for me, this didn't occur frequently enough to dim my enjoyment of the movie, and we left the theatre with me thinking "That won't win an Oscar, but it was certainly good fun."


If Atala went to see The Man with the Iron Fists because of RZA, I went to see it cos of Lucy Lui. She was fierce in the previews and there was a stretch of a scene where she completely stole the movie. I loved the fight scenes and the fact that it seemed all the actors were having fun.