Doing Things Together as a Couple

One of the advice given to new couples is to do things together, and even where they have busy schedules, they are encouraged to make time to spend together. When Atala and I got married, he was living in the United States and as we agreed, I had rounded off my stay of three years in the UK in plans to move continents. Luckily, I was able to get my US visa and join him about a month later.

When I arrived, it was March, and if you've heard of Seattle, you've probably heard wet, cloudy, or evergreen in the same sentence. Spring in Seattle is the poster child for dull and depressing weather and that was when I arrived. Add to that fact, I had no job at first and also did not have an American driving license. You can measure my desire to get time outside of the house as well as spend time with my brand new husband.

I think Atala understood and he was also keen to show off his city to me, and that he did. In fact, he did such a wonderful job that even though he had been thinking of moving to somewhere warmer, by the time we were both done discovering the area, we were both in love, bad weather and all. LOL..

And truly, I also discovered that when you put your mind to it, there's no shortage of what to do. There are a variety of activities to chose from, indoors and outdoors. From museums, zoos to aquariums, which may cost money to going to the any nearby beach park, or strolling down the streets of your city, all  for free. All you need is a spirit of adventure, and a willingness to have fun.

With no planning, one of the activities that became a favorite of ours was movies at the cinema. As much as we loved the outdoors and discovering the city around us, sometimes, the weather was just so terrible that you couldn't go out into it. During those times, the cinema was a refuge and if we were lucky to select a good movie, then there would be warm conversation for some hours, days or even years afterwards. Indeed we still refer to some of the good or very bad movies we saw three years ago.

So what do you think about spending regular "we" time with your partner, and what is your favorite date activity?