Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad - Weekend Pictures

So a few weeks ago, we decided to take my mum and ourselves on an adventure. Mount Rainier is one of the highest points in Washington state, but while it might be too high to climb, or too far of a drive, we can take a locomotive train ride around it and enjoy the view. And that we did. And no, green is not my favorite color, it just so happened :)

The drive to Elbe was about a couple of hours but the weather that day was great and the views on the way there were fantastic. We almost missed our way but arrived in good time to secure our tickets and take a quick look around.

A wedding party was just coming out of the local historical church and were taking pictures. Their reception was set up on a corner of the train station and it was a simple affair with trestle tables and balloons.

A smoky locomotive was out of use, and so we used it as a fitting backdrop :)

My mum really enjoyed the adventure, and it was fun for me seeing the ticket man and his cohort. This would be my first time of riding a locomotive train.

More fantastic views as the train rode around the foothills of Mount Rainier which you can see in the distance.

The interior of the cabins were fitted in such a way that took one back to historical times.

At the only stop, I managed to charm the ticket guy into taking a picture with me.

More views of Mt Rainier on our way back.

A pizza to top off the adventure. We've recently discovered Chicken Alfredo Pizza and it's become the pizza de jour around these parts. In this picture, it is courtesy of Pizza Hut.

You can find more information about the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad on their website.