How to Ensure Other Women Know Your Man is Married

Malaysia and Jannero Pargo

I read about this wedding ring that imprints married on a man's finger yesterday and I wanted to know who came up with the idea. It turns out that it Basketball Wives LA star, Malaysia Pargo who created it. For her, it was a new way to ensure that one's husband is on lock-down - the argument being that when other women see the married brand, they will keep away from him. If you ask me, any woman that even thinks about this ring as a solution to their husband's philandering should know the battle is lost already.

Malaysia was asked if her own husband, NBA Player Jannero Pargo, had one and she replied that it was his finger in picture above. Of course, she can say that, but it is probably just for the ad campaign. Would he wear it long term? I'm guessing the imprint reverts and one would have to continue to wear it.

The only real use I see for this ring is as a gag/novelty gift. You buy it so that you and your partner can laugh about it. If a couple already have trust or infidelity issues, bringing the ring into the mix may turn out to be too inflammatory. So let's not even go there. In fact, I won't be surprised if it takes off among women themselves, and we'll soon start seeing the ring's 'MARRIED' tattoo on women's fingers instead of men.

So, would any of you buy this, or wear it? What would convince you?

BTW, Atala thinks this is a completely stupid idea. :)