First Lady Patience Jonathan Returns to Nigeria

The Nigerian first lady, Patience Jonathan, returned to Abuja today following a mystery illness that kept her out of the country for the past two months or so. I was seeing Atala off to work when my mum came out excited by the news of the return of the First Lady. I couldn't help asking, did the President's wife look slimmer? Yes, that's cynical of me, right? My mum said Patience Jonathon looks about the same though she wore a large Boubou.

My mum religiously watches NTA online for their 4pm and 9pm news which is around our 8am. So it was that she saw the brief clips on the broadcast. By the time she came out to share the news, the segment was past. My mum said there was a huge crowd to welcome her at the airport and the first lady only spoke briefly to the press, saying that God had given her a second chance.

 She thanked Nigerians for praying for her but did not explain the illness that had kept her away from the country. She also denied she had cosmetic surgery and slammed those who had started the rumors or who dwelled on negative stories of those who went abroad while sick and came back dead, like Yar Adua and Stella Obasanjo.

Well, I've seen the pictures and she does look about the same. I am happy that she returned hale and hearty, and I wish her even better health.