Dear Myne - I Want to Meet Ladies on Your Blog

I got this email on Facebook from a guy who wants me to do some matchmaking for him. He wants a god-fearing virgin. I believe this is a honest request and that's why I'm posting it, even though it might not be for everyone.

My name is Tolu a serving Jesus corper in Oyo state who will be trough from service in five days time. Have visited your website and its so cool. Have read about some xtian sister looking for devoted xtian brothers who are sharing this core value about no sex before marriage. I'm age 28 and still virgin to the glory of God. I'm not desperate about any virgin girl but all I want is the will of God and a woman that knows and fear the Lord. I will like 2meet any of these ladies prefferably from Yoruba tribe. My fone number is ..... Bb pin .... Facebook name; .... Thanking you in anticipation. Shalom

The personal details have been removed, any interested lady should send an email. Cheers! :)