Asaba, Akwa-Ocha, Nsala - Between Lynxxx and I

For music video romance last week, I selected Lynxxx's Fine Lady video, and threw out a small challenge. I put up that picture above as the clue and the correct answer came in with the first few comments. Since I promised to share some thing on this blog if that happened, this is me sticking to my word. I may not be a Fine Lady, but Atala is just as hunky as Lynxxx, without the pink hat :)

As it happens, Lynxxx is actually from Asaba, and the (akwa ocha) white cloth is sorta like our official traditional wear. I love that cloth and insisted I would use it for my first traditional wedding outfit. Since then I've seen it used in a few weddings of people from Asaba and Delta North in general. It looks great in Lynxxx's video and I'm proud of him for promoting our culture. I want to see more of that in other Nigerian videos.

Finally, I hear that Nsala and pounded yam is Lynxxx's favorite meal, that's also a gurantee to put Atala in a very good mood. Yes, my husband is a convert to the greatness that is Asaba. We're just too much. I hope no one would try to argue that :)

BTW, to all single ladies out there, I hear Lynxxx is single too. #thankmelater