And So What If Jesus Was Married?

Jesus had a wife

In the picture above is a papyrus that supposedly dates back to the fourth century and which may bear evidence that Jesus, the historical man, was married. I found out after hearing the ladies of the view debate on it that there has been a huge furor since the news broke on Tuesday. The person who was watching the show was like, "what blasphemy!" I personally didn't see it that way, I felt, "so what?"

I mean, I don't believe in Jesus as the son of God because he was supposedly single and celibate, I believe in him because he is God. He still did all that he did, said all that he said, single, celibate or not. So what if Jesus was married? Will it cancel out his miracles, all he said and how he lived his life?

Will knowing that Jesus had a wife devalue the fact that he raised the dead or walked on water? Will it mean that I won't see that the sermon on the mount was one of the finest teachings ever made? Or that I will suddenly begin to think that living like Christ is not the best way to embrace my humanity?

So let the papyrus be verified, and the arguments rage. As for me I know what I believe.

So what do you think about the news?

There are those for whom, like I said in the first paragraph it is sacrilege to mention Jesus and marriage in the same sentence, now that I don't understand, maybe someone will explain it to me.

As far as I can tell, only the Roman Catholics may have to reconsider their stance on married men and women as priests and bishops in the Church if this papyrus is proved to be genuine.

Now, the novel, Da Vinci Code begins to make a lot of sense...

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