Your Best and Worst Travel or Flight Experience

Hello everyone, I am now back home and so knackered. So my trip back home takes about 24hrs altogether and at the end, I was feeling like a zombie. I've had some sleep now but still jet-lagged. I'm now thinking of the whole travel experience and how it wasn't so bad. I was freaked out each time we had some turbulence though, I pray God clears my mind of the fear I've had since that Dana Crash.

The food on both the international legs of the trip - going and coming - was OK. And it's nice it comes twice knowing the American airlines no longer give any refreshments except water, and maybe juice or tea. I tried to walk around the plane but still my feet were swollen and my toes looked like stumps by the time we landed, LOL...

I thank God for journey mercies and am so glad to be back with my sweetie, yes o Honeydame :), e no easy.

Over to you guys, what has been your best and/or worst travel and flight experience?

PS - I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone of you for sticking around even when you knew I was in and out of my blog. Many thanks too to those I met in Lagos, some of whom went out of their way to see me, mwah! I hope to get about more during my next visit, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc, see you then.