Public and Private Proposals - Go Big or Go Home?

The other day, at the end of the news, they were discussing the rise and rise of public marriage proposals, and not just public, but big, theatrical, and expensive. Think Howie Mandel flash mobs, movie cinemas, public parks and gardens, full marching bands, complete military parades, helicopters with flying announcements, you name it. Talk about going BIG!

The most expensive the commentators said, cost the guy $10,000, minus the ring. And of course they closed with a clip from the video of a theater proposal that went viral on Youtube. When I tried to find it for this post, I discovered that a second one has been made. Meanwhile, a small subset of youtube seems dedicated to public proposal, each one trying to get the biggest awwws, or provoke the most envy.

When we discussed it, a male friend said he didn't know whether to pity the men who may be pressured to do more than whatever their would-be fiancees have ever seen on the interwebs, or to pity the women who may be disappointed if they buy that coolaid and then their fiances decide to go the quiet route. It is definitely a trend that makes me say "whew, glad I already have that over with" :)

This morning, I read of Diane Odiaka, a Nigerian ex-beauty pageant contestant, whose fiance proposed at the Silverbird Galleria Cinema and the questions came again to me.

Do people prefer a big, public proposal or a small, private one?

Who are those pushing this trend for big, men or women?

Say cost is not a factor, which would you prefer?

What is your definition of private or small? Just the two of you at home? Two of you and one or two witnesses in the park? 10 friends or 50 friends and family at a party?

How big is big enough, or too big? A restaurant or cinema full of strangers, 1000 seater stadium, or a TV broadcast to millions of viewers?