Is Sexting Normal for e-Dates these Days? By Tiyan

Recently, I have been feeling very inundated with conversations I have had or conversations that have been shared with me about men who come down hard on women because of their weight or size. Some of these men are not exactly Mr. Universe themselves. I believe that if you are not clinically obese and are comfortable in your body whether curvy or otherwise then you are good to go. Do not wait for validation, be your own best assessor and be happy.

This unbelievable conversation below is transcribed from a blind [e-]date that I was recently set up with:

Blind Date: Hello Tiyan, can you send me your picture please (smiley face).

Me: (slightly taken aback but hey I guess he needs to see the goods before right?) I will email you one (smiley face)

Blind Date: Nice sexy picture, love your smile! Do you have a picture that shows more of your body, like you standing up?

Me: Thank you, I will look and send on the condition that you send me one of yours too (smiley face) (I send one of me standing up in a red dress)

Blind date: Ofcourse sweetie, I will send you a sexy upper body pic now, should I email it or send to your phone? Nice sexy picture, I love the red dress and your smile.

Me: (getting tayad of the word sexy but glad he thinks my pictures are nice) Thank you, I am blushing, please email it thanks.

Blind Date: Just sent you my body picture sweetie hope you like it.

Me: (also irked at the word sweetie but hey..lets not be too irritable now. I receive a picture of him standing in front of the mirror with his bare chest no face shown) Nice Abs but how do I know this isn't a stunt double, can I see your lovely eyes please?

Blind Date: Do you have a sexy body picture for me too sweetie (smiley face)

I acted like I did not get the text.

Blind Date: Thank you for the compliment sweetie and yes that is all me (smiley face) You will see and feel my body in person (big grin)

I still do not respond

Blind date: I do not take sexy body pictures with my face showing lol

Me: Good Idea

Blind date: Do you have a sexy picture for me too sweetie

Me: (thinking of how to handle this situation that is growing uncomfortable) I do not want to be responsible for over dosing you with sexiness.

Blind Date: Haha you are funny, I just think its only fair for you to send me one too with no face only body.

Me: (thinking, this loser has not even asked to meet up for coffee) Hmmm i think it is too soon, when I get super comfy with you I will send you as many as you desire, deal??? What are your plans for today?

Blind date: It does not have to be naked sweetie just your body like what you wear to sleep or the beach. I want to see what your body looks like, can't tell with the pics you sent (sad face) and by the way by that time I will have seen your body all in person (smiley face).

Me: (As if!!! getting irritated now and wondering what to do) Lol, Sad face??? That's not fair You are boxing me to a corner, I will see if I can find pictures from beach vacations.

Blind date:You could always take a picture, the picture I sent you I just took it.

I ignore him and 20 minutes later, he asks me again.

Me: I am absolutely not comfortable sending you pictures of my body. Do not take it the wrong way but I can't do it. (smiley face).

Blind Date: I guess you are out of shape or something and not proud of your body??? I am looking for someone who is open with their sexuality, I guess you are not! take care sorry to bother you! I am not looking for someone who is fat, so I am not interested since you r not what I am looking for take care God bless.

I Ignore him

Blind date: I like big breasts and small waists which you don't have as well (sad face)

Me: (now utterly fed up and worked up and amazed that he will mention God in all of this) If I had a daughter and she sends a picture of her naked body to a man she has never met or spoken to, what kind of impression would she be sending? I wonder!!! I am not fat, I have never been and do not plan to be, I am proud of my banging size 4 body and my sexuality but I will not be bullied by you to show it because I do not know you well enough and I am certainly not looking for someone who is only interested in my slim body. so you take care of yourself.

Blind Date: Whatever!!! I am sure your body is not as good and hard as mine ha ha ha good luck! If it were, you would show it and be proud to show it off.

I Ignore him

Blind Date: Dude its just a bloody picture, you must be hiding something, belly rolls, small breasts etc there are too many tricks they have now to fake being in shape.

I completely ignore him because clearly he is a mad man. May I point out that this conversation was with a 42 year old man who owns his own business in the US!!!!! Is this normal?

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