Eko Tourist Beach Resort Lagos - Weekend Pictures

While we were in Nigeria in July, we stayed in Lekki with a friend for a few days, and I got to check out that part of Lagos. Our host actually drove us all the way down to the new Lekki-Epe airport and the Free Trade Zone which are both still under construction. On our way back, we stopped over at the Eko Tourist Beach Resort. The resort is located at Akodo, on the Epe Expressway, quite far from even Lekki, about an hours drive. Luckily, the roads are quite good.

I have been to Badagry once before, but the Epe end is an eye-opener about the natural beauty of Lagos, so it was surprising for me that there were so few people there. It was virtually empty while we were there. We went there on a Weekday, so maybe that was part of it. The entrance fee is not much, just N1000 naira though they waived it since we just wanted to take pictures and enjoy a bit of the atlantic ocean which I haven't seen from a Nigerian coast of in ages.

It is indeed a lovely place, there was a stiff breeze off the ocean and the water was beautifully flirty, just begging you to play with it. But you always have to be careful with the Atlantic, it can be very changeable. Anyway, we played at the edges for a while, the children played hide-and seek among the trees and then we had to go. Enjoy some of the pics below.

Hope your weekend is going great? See you soon, Mwah!