Dear Myne - Was I not Worth Loving?

i met this guy, he told me he wants to date me, but does not want to be in a relationship yet, unless it was leading to the altar. i didnt really understand what he meant, in full context, but decided to go with the flow. He ticked all my boxes in the right places and we were dynamite together, till i noticed, he couldn't seem to stop flirting on bbm.

One moment, he was the best i could ask for, and the next i will feel like am walking on my head. i wanted to break it off but i just keep missing him.

then one day, after a date, we were arguing, he told me, if he likes my best friend, of course he can date her and sleep with her, that it is his own happiness that matters. i really took things easy with this guy becos he said ladies have hurt him, i wanted to prove to him, all ladies aint same.

one moment, everything was fine, and the next, he is telling me, that he has met someone else he will like to shag, that he is bored with our relationship and though am nice and all, but something is missing, that the problem is not me, but him... i just let him go. We dated for just 3 months. i just realized he was never worth me. But am still missing him.

I can't help but to think, was i not worth loving?

PS - This entry came in from this post - Knowing When to Walk Away