My Lagos Adventures and Saying Goodbye to Gala

UPDATE - I've corrected my phone number now. Sorry!

Hey everyone, hope your week's going well? Mine started off OK and Lagos is treating me fine. Mostly anyway. We arrived last Thursday and the next day was vegging out day, we slept and rested for most of it. I did log online with the Starcomms Izap I bought the last time I was in Nigeria, my mother-in-law had recently topped it up with the 9pm-9am package. The network was a bit spotty but it was the timing that I couldn't just manage. I did find out about a bookish event for Saturday which I attended.

With so many talented and beautiful people, I was honored :)

New books from Paressia publishers

Several authors read from their books and I bought some new books I had been itching to get my hands on. I also had a great time and met some amazing writers, who though not yet published are bloggers I subscribe to and look forward to their stories. Uche blogs at Naijastories and at, and Tolu at

Uche, Tolu and I

On Sunday, I faced my internet access, or the lack thereof, squarely, yet it was only yesterday that I was finally able to activate my BIS, after so many runarounds that included registering a SIM card whereby they asked me my father's village and my mother's maiden name. And then they still took my picture and my fingerprints. All is well that ends well sha, phone line was activated some hours later and BIS after I topped up to the required N3000.

And now to the Gala palava. First off, the initial vendor I asked for Gala handed me that Superbite and ran away before I could say that wasn't what I wanted. I had already paid him and it actually took me a moment to realize it wasn't a rebranded Gala I was holding but another brand entirely. By the time I looked up, he was no where to be seen. Funny thing was, his box actually red Gala but I now doubt there was any Gala in there.

Moving on, I saw another vendor and asked for a Gala. He has both Gala and Superbite and was about to hand me the later when I firmly shook my head and pointed to the Gala. As you can see from the pictures, I quickly tore the pack open and munched the roll quickly. If you haven't got how much I loved Gala and was looking forward to it, then let me reiterate; I loved Gala.

Unfortunately, it has to remain in the past tense as I was completely disappointed by what I ate that day. The pastry was still OK but the filling did not remotely taste like beef, or even like anything edible. And now the love affair is over. No more envying the pictures I see or asking those that travel to bring me back some Gala, even if for nostalgia sake. I do hope UAC is not killing Nigerians with it. Goodbye Gala, it was good while it lasted, but maybe all good things do have to come to an end. :(

But no more sad faces, I'm still looking forward to Suya! And getting to see some of you guys. For those who want to meet up, you can call me on 0703752110(1+1)