He Gentle O! - Naeto C's Wedding Pictures

Since being in the country, I've listened to a lot of Nigerian songs on the radio as well as watched several on various music video channels. One of the musicians, in this case a rapper, who has stood out is Naeto C with his catchy latest - I Gentle O.

The very gentle MC with an MSc got married this weekend to his fiancee, Nicole Chukwueke, and you can't help but appreciate his dapper look. Naeto C is also very respectful with the women in his videos and I like him for that.

His wife is indeed very beautiful, and what a pretty bride. I wonder if any of his songs, especially 5 and 6, were written with her in mind. It's a lovely romantic song :)

I wish them the very best of love and marriage and may they forever be 5 and 6.