Weekend Pictures - Visit to Seward Park in Seattle

The other day, we were coming from a trip to the cinema and Atala suggested we slot in a quick visit to Seward Park in Seattle, one we hadn't been to before. I wasn't dressed, as per shoes, for hiking, but he promised it would be a short one. So off we went. The breeze was surprisingly strong off Lake Washington, the water you see in the pictures, and it blew my wig every which way.

We spent just about an hour but had quite the adventure in that little time, including encountering a snake! I don't like snakes and if you're like me, you may skip the last two pictures. Otherwise, only the beautiful pictures are included in this post, hehehe...

Another visitor took this lovely picture

Choppy lake, even the ducks are huddling (below)

When I saw that the Amphitheater was empty...

I decided to practice my public speaking

A great stage for performing, I think

The snake! I almost stepped on it! Kept off the grass after that

Atala made me add this so you know how small the snake really was :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend? Mwah!