Linking Up Posts on the Dana Plane Crash

What is that they say about the stages of grief and loss? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I think I am getting to acceptance now. I realise that in the end, we do have to move on. While I do not know any one who died personally, it was quite emotional for me knowing that some relatives had just flown from the US to Nigeria the day before the crash. Also, my sister was involved in a nasty road accident last year and we almost lost her. I guess I was carrying over some of that pain. But I've calmed down now.

May the souls of the dead rest and peace, and the living be consoled.

Also, the news show that the response this time was not as bad as usual lackadaisical attitude. The government and the press are doing their own parts diligently. Some of the following have been done, and continue to be reported on.

Most of the Dead had been recovered
Identification and Compensation are being sorted out speedily
The NCAA DG, Harold Demuren, has been asked to stand down
- Dana Airlines License has been revoked
- The Crash Site has been cleaned up

While this is something, we have a long way to go as a country, as people and as the citizens and government of our country. But there's nothing I'll say here that hasn't been said. I read several blogs that say what is in my head even better. They have allowed me to vent as well as find some peace. Some of them are as follows. If your is missing please leave the link in the comments. Thanks.

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