Dear Myne: He Can't Stop Talking About My Looks

When I was younger I wished I was as beautiful as any Miss World, but with age, I realized that we all have our unique peculiarities and that beauty was no buffer to difficulties or heartache. Or what do you say to someone in the situation below where her beauty has become a thorn in her flesh?

Hi Myne. I read your blog most times. There's just one issue that has been bothering me.I will like you to post it in your blog, maybe suggestions from people might help. I am a lady in my early twenties, a christian and quite old fashioned and very reserved. I know am beautiful,but at times the compliments from guys gets annoying. when i get to meet them, they just can't stop talking about how pretty I am.

A young pastor that that was asking me out once told me, he just could not resist the temptation of talking to me and all that, {and this makes me wonder and worry that, how did i tempt him? i so hate provocative dressing, and i don't even believe in flaunting any part of my body...the last thing i would ever do is to make a man fall into sin}.

The most disguisting part is the way some tend to stare at my breasts {I am busty}, even in church. When I am talking to some guys, i sometimes feel like slapping them because the eyes are fixed on my chest.

There's this guy that has been asking me out for over a year, he's a great guy, but the only thing holding me back is the way he can't stop talking about my looks, I sometimes feel that's the only thing he likes.

And i sometimes worry that a man may just marry me for my looks, it leaves me wondering that what if i get old and don't look the same. it's really keeping me from dating and at times, i feel am just been too hard on myself, i really don't know.