Blogger Wedding - Uche Eze of Bella Naija Marries Bode Pedro

Some will say popular blogger Uche Eze of Bella Naija Fame is a celebrity, others may just say she's a business woman, albeit an internet entrepreneur. What will not be in doubt is that she is very well known in the online and blogging circles as being an inspiration for a lot of bloggers who have chosen and been able to make money from their blogs. Myself included.

One of the blogs I visit once put up a post about her engagement last year and since then not much had been heard until published photos of her traditional wedding a few weeks ago. Uche is married to Bode Adegboyega Pedro, the eldest son of the former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Chief Femi Pedro. Because of this, many expected a society wedding with lots of press and attendant crowds. What we have is a surprisingly low-key wedding with little press.

Finding the pictures made me think about the blogging life, balancing the public and the private. The line between being a blogger and having a private life can be a fine one, especially when you have someone else, like your spouse, to consider. I really don't have much qualms about sharing some of my photos here, but when it comes to more personal stuff, I still worry about where to draw the line.

So, I was very impressed and partly awed at how Uche Eze and Bode Pedro were able to fly under the radar and pull off this well planned and attended but quiet celebrity wedding. It just goes to show that a couple may have more control over their wedding that they realise sometimes. And whether it is a small wedding you desire, or one with little fuss, you may be able to achieve it. I wish Uche and Bode a happy married life.

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