Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg Updates Status to Married

There are several relationship statuses on Facebook. There's single, there's it's complicated, there's in a relationship, and there's married. Mark Zuckerberg, changed his own status from In a relationship to Married just this evening and it's got everyone buzzing. There are almost half a million likes to the update which came with the picture below.

But isn't that why it is called Facebook? It is the social networking site to allows us to indulge our ego, voyeurism, or paranoia as the case may be. You have to update every detail of your life with a picture, and now there's a timeline to make sure everything is in chronological order. Talk about nerds and techies, but hey, we fall in love and get married too, and the latest is Mark Zuckerberg :)

The founder of Facebook,  is certainly one that takes his own medicine. I checked out his wall today, and he adds pictures to almost all his updates, and has organized his timeline all the way to when he was born. There are pictures of him and his girlfriend dating back to 2009, and his goal of 2010/2011 was to learn Mandarin Chinese to help him communicate better with her family.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have been dating for almost ten years, since they met in Harvard, and now that she has graduated, they decided it was time to get hitched. Apparently the wedding was a last minute revelation to the friends that were invited, they initially thought they were going to the girlfriend's graduation party.

Zuckerberg and his girlfriend were already in the news this week with Facebook's Initial Public Offer, marking his 28th birthday, and Priscilla Chan also graduating from medical school.

I'm sure this week or even this month will be one they won't forget in a hurry, with lots of achievements, milestones and happy days. I wish them even more joy and all the love that comes with marriage.

Fun Facts - Mark Zuckerberg is worth billions of dollars, he designed the wedding ring, and the ceremony took place in his home backyard with less than 100 guests. :)


Myne Whitman - award-winning blogger, bestselling author, columnist, and founder of Naijastories.com.