Do you Call Him Boo or Baby in Public?

Or do you only call them the pet names in private?

I ask because most people usually have a personal name they call their partners, those sweet, romantic names like boo, baby, sweetie, honeypie, sugar, daddy, mummy, etc. These endearments are used most often in private, and sometimes there are those deeper ones one uses only during tender, intimate moments, like ahem, ahem :)

But what if one gets so used to using those names that it comes out in public? I have found myself in that situation a few times,but it was OK because it was just one or two close friends around. In a real crowd, I'm usually more self aware when it comes to calling Atala's name.

Some ladies it seems, deliberately use the pet names for their partners. And I don't mean boo, sweetie or honey, I heard a lady repeatedly calling the guy she was with a name I can't even write here. It was sweet but it was also a bit uncomfortable, lol.

What about you guys? Will you call your boo names like H*t R*d when others are around?