Weekend Pictures - The Space Needle Seattle Center

I can still remember the first time I visited the Space Needle here in Seattle. It was first summer here in 2009 after arriving during a dreary and drizzly spring and I was so ready for some sunshine. And where best than at the iconic Space Needle that I had seen in movies like Sleepless in Seattle, among others.

Since then, I have visited the Needle several times, including eating at the restaurant, going out to the observatory, watching movies on the lawn, and using the cultural and recreational facilities around the center. And to think the Space Needle and some of those facilities are 50years old.

MSN News - Created as the centerpiece of the 1962 space-themed exposition, the 605-foot-tall Space Needle has been described as looking like “a UFO on stilts” and was for many years the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Today, the still futuristic-looking Needle is an iconic landmark in the Emerald City, its most visited attraction and home to one of the few remaining rotating restaurants in the world.

It is definitely somewhere I gravitate to once I drive into the city and I have some great memories of it in the past three years. Enjoy some more of the pictures from that lovely first day. We might actually be joining the Seattle Center for festivities this weekend. That is, if the weather is OK. After another very rainy spring, I really can't wait for summer..