What Men Notice About Women - Atala Writes

Funke Akindele covers YNaija!

The question of what men notice immediately about women is one of those questions that keeps on popping up again and again in conversation. And no wonder... a person wants to know what everyone else is thinking so that he or she can take advantage of them... erm, I mean, have a better relationship with them. So it stands to reason that if women know what thing men notice first, then (assuming they want to attract men), they can flaunt that thing to the max, if it’s available to flaunt.

Well, that’s the theory. The reality is, as I’m sure you can guess, no two men like the same thing. Most men probably notice sizeable busts and derrieres – and I think there’s supposed to be a biological reason for that – but beyond that, I’m sure that the things that catch men’s attentions are as varied as the men themselves. For example, what really catches my attention about a women is her eyes, especially if they’re hooded and spaced wide apart. Another thing I’ll notice is her nose, if it’s small and ‘compact’.

I find it fascinating about how differently we notice these things. They’re obviously a product of our life experiences and our inherited dispositions - but I do wonder about what could have happened in someone’s life to make him fixate on the hairs in a woman’s nostrils. (Not that there’s anything wrong with nostril hair.) In the end, the visual cues are just stage one in the much bigger game of romance, but it doesn’t make it any less fascinating.

So questions for the guys?

1. What do you first notice when you meet a lady?

2. Is there a difference about what you notice and what you find attractive? The ladies can feel free to answer this one too. Like I might notice a tall girl but may find the dimpled smile on a shorter one more attractive.

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