The First Things Ladies Notice about Men?

So I was reading the other day and she had some pictures from the Arise Fashion Week in Lagos on her blog. She ran into the model from Rihanna's music video, We found Love, and she was describing how she was mesmerized by the guy's eyes. That got me thinking about what I notice first when I meet a guy, and generally what I've had friends and other ladies say they notice about guys. I also get drawn to eyes, and I can see how this guy's eyes would be a hit with the ladies.

Other things I notice about a guy would include his facial looks. How do the features of his face set on their own and all together. Some noses are noble, some just too large. Same with lips and ears.

Then you consider the physical build. Is the guy tall, average height, or vertically challenged? Does he look like he keeps fit, how wide are his shoulders? Now I don't want some muscle-bound akpu-obi body-builder, but some nice biceps don't hurt. What about the waist, some nice abs, or a one-pack?

Finally, I can't forget what he's wearing. In that arena, this guys fails the mark for me. Sagging pants? No way!

Generally though, I prefer guys whose clothes are neat and well put together. I don't do designer labels so those go above my head. But whatever he's wearing should look good on him.

What about you ladies out there?