Michelle Obama Rocking Natural Afro Hairdo

What do you think of Michelle Obama's afro hairstyle? I looks great if you ask me, and coming from Nigeria where we love changing our hairstyles every other week, the new hairstyle makes a lot of sense.

Some people are wondering how the majority of Americans will take it. We all know some parts of black America are obsessed with natural versus straightened hair, and some parts of white America are obsessed with how "really" American President Obama and Michelle are.

Well, they all need not worry. It is just photoshop! The handiwork of some of those in the first group who want to see the first lady in afro curls by hook or crook. Maybe like Viola Davis at the Oscars, Michelle Obama is listening and will rock her some real afro, LOL...

Check out some of the other looks of Michelle Obama.

Short Curls

Updo Curls

 Shoulder Length and Wavy

Pulled Back

Curls with a Side Fringe

Pageboy (This look somehow reminds me of Patience Jonathan's makeover)