“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston on Glee

I just watched this episode of Glee online and I was blown away by the rendition of Whitney Houston's “I Will Always Love You” by Amber Riley's character, Mercedes. Mercedes is in a love triangle and sang the song in this scene with one of the guys that liked her. I'm only watching that episode today because we went out for a movie on Valentine's day when it aired. I watched the full show on the FOX website but you can see the Youtube Clip below.

When I finished watching, I had to go on Youtube to see if I could find the clip, I wanted to listen over and over. Goosebumps just washed over me and the tears that didn't come on Saturday finally escaped. Amber Riley really did the song justice, and her performance is a great tribute to Whitney Houston.

Funny, I read from the Youtube comments that the Glee producers didn’t even plan this as a tribute. The episode had already been taped earlier and fixed for Valentine’s Day, and it just so happened that Whitney Houston died last weekend. This certainly shows how one will always live on through their talent.