Changing the Title of my Blog

Hi guys, and welcome to February! I promise, I have a new series of love themed posts coming soon. You can also check out the ALR review and my interview with the Africa Book Club. Fellow blogger, Omonaikee was also kind enough to feature me. You can find out which of my books made me cry. :)

Yeah, about my blog. Around when I joined the BlogHer publishing network and began to display ads, I was done with my old look and I wanted to switch things up. Yet I was delayed by procrastination and a small fear of change. Blogger made it easy this year by introducing the reply comments which I had been wanting forever, and so I moved over to blogger templates. I've been tweaking the new look ever since. I know some of you have said you like the blue or pink, but I'm still not fully satisfied.

I did realize something as I was re-arranging the content of my blog. The Myne Whitman Writes title no longer did justice to what this blog is all about. I started blogging by sharing my romantic poems and excerpts from by romance novels but in the last year, I've been blogging more and more about real life topics, relationships, and what's happening in the society. You see, my first couple of years blogging were a labor of love for my books. Now, I think the blog has become a brand on its own, and deserves a new title.

After many iterations with Atala, I settled for Romance. Meets. Life. What do you guys think?

I wanted something about crossroads and intersections - the meeting point that this blog has become. I toyed with the following, At the junction of fiction and reality, Where real life jams romantic fiction, At the crossroads of romance and life, and so on and so forth. This one basically came at the last minute, and I'm still not sure it is the final title. However, I am looking for a Graphic Designer to make a logo for me (If you're out there, give me a shout. I'm cheap but we can work out something), and that will be that once it's done. In the meantime, fancy smancy font will do.

Finally, I have to say blogger templates are light, and I was happy to hear from those who used to have problems loading my site that it was now much easier for them. But it can be bland for the beginner I was and it took me a while to figure things out. In doing that, I lost my blogroll. And when I went over to the help forums, turns out there is a known issue. I'm sorry guys, it means it's more difficult to visit your blogs. While the blogger techies work on that, I want to use link lists. If I used to follow your blog or you follow mine, please use the contact me page to send your URL address.