Who should be taller - The Man or the Woman

Of course I know there are no shoulds here. We are all born with our different heights and our hearts will find love where they will. But let's just discuss this in a spirit of fun and no offense to anyone. Most women want a guy who is taller than them, and the reverse is the case for men, they want petite women, at least compared to them.

The Yoruba I hear, as part of traditional engagement, have the man showing he can carry or lift his fiancee. A friend of ours, male, says that in a couple, the woman should not be seen when she hides behind the man. Interesting way to think about it, I guess. I've heard some tall girls bemoan the fact that they only seem to attract shorter men. Some of them accept it and the men gladly, what is height anyway? Others hold out for their dream of a guy they can look up to, or who they can comfortably rest their head on his shoulders.

If you're a petite woman like me or Jada Smith, you may not have that problem. I am 5'1 and though he's no six footer, Atala is about 9 inches taller. I once dismissed all men of average height and dated a basketball player, not sure of his exact height but definitely more than 6 feet. Even I had to run after a while, not to talk of funny asides from people. Khloe Kardashian is tall but you can see how her basketballer puts her in the shade.

But what of the other side of the story? When the woman is either a lot taller than the man, or becomes taller whenever she puts on any type of heels. Are you of the opinion that such tall ladies should always be in flats? Do you know of any couples like that? Are you in one of such?

I'll end this with a joke I heard when I was much younger. My dad said a friend of his, who was on the shortish side, swore after an insult about his height that he would marry a towering woman. He did get his heart's desire, and after that he said his nickname was now Tallest. He said "E kpom Tallest, n kporo gi nwunyem" meaning, call me tallest and I'll call out my wife. :)