Picture Weekend - Leavenworth Lighting Festival 2011

To my disappointment, we didn't get any snow last December, even up to now. Yes, disppointment, because I still like snow even though from my experience in 2010 when I had a book reading cancelled and almost missed my flight to Naija due to snow days, I still just like the idea of falling snow and everything being coated by the white stuff.

Anyway, as if a friend knew, she invited us to this festival in a city several miles from Seattle where she was certain there was snow. Not only that, they also have weekly Christmas Lighting Festivals where the town lights are switched on each evening. Leavenworth is a peculiar town in that it is mostly a tourist destination, and is patterned after a Bavarian Village. They have this to say on their website;

Remember when you were little, and you couldn't take your eyes off all the snow globes for the holidays? You remember your favorite? The one with the olde village straight out of The Sound Of Music? With the big horse pulling a sleigh downtown past carolers and kids sledding? Remember how much you wanted to step inside that snow globe? A trip to Leavenworth is about as close to the real thing as you're going to get.
It was indeed a great getaway. We went in the morning and spent most of the day there. About a couple of miles to the town, snow suddenly appeared by the sides of the road, it was like magic. Luckily, the roads had been cleared so we didn't need to use the snow tires that had been bought in preparation.

Oh yes, the horse-drawn carriage.

My first German Beer. Light and flavored, I loved it.

Schweinshax'n - or simply shank of swine. A bit like pork chops.

Loads of tourists

Our friends recommended the Taffy Shop

The wonderful carollers, they reminded me of my years going midnight caroling with other church members.

Before the lights go on...

The children get their fill of gamboling on the mini slope.

Santa Claus and the Mayor of Leavenworth

And the lights are on!

It was a great outing, our friends were great hosts and we all enjoyed the Christmas spirit of the town. I don't mind adding it to the Christmas must-do's whenever we're here for the holidays and there's no snow. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mwah!