Bald and Beautiful Barbie in 2012 - What do you think?

I saw this on the news over the holidays and when Facebook sent a notification that a friend joined the Bald Barbie page, I visited and decided to post on it. The campaign was started by a group of women who have either battled with cancer or Alopecia or they have children who are going through chemotherapy and have therefore lost their hair. The women want there to be a doll the affected children can relate with, and since I have come to realize that Barbie is a role model for a lot of American girls, this makes perfect sense.

A lot of us, girls and women, are so closely tied to our hair as a big part of our identity and esteem that loosing it is usually traumatic. And in the case of cancer, there is also the pain from the disease and the treatment. So, though cancer is not a disease I'm familiar with - it is not very common in Nigeria and the treatment options are almost non-existent - I can see where the women are coming from. It's often heartbreaking the level of cancer here in the United States, especially among children, and anything that will make the situation easier for them is welcome.

I also remember a blogger (I think she has stopped blogging now) who sometimes posted about her Alopecia, and how it affected her social life and self esteem. The final reason I think this campaign makes sense is that even when you remove the cancer and Alopecia angle, there are people who choose to be bald. Now, if there's Barbie of various ethnicities, Career barbie, driving barbie, etc, surely there should be an option for bald barbie too?