What do you think of Adoption - will you adopt a child?

So there was this discussion where a woman asked if she should leave her husband since they're childless. Apparently, there's nothing wrong with her fertility but the husband has low sperm count. I was surprised at the number of comments that called on the woman to consider adoption because I somehow assumed that most Nigerians do not accept or support adoption.

I've heard of some couples who secretly adopt and try to pass the child off as their own. I've heard people say they can never adopt, or advice people they know to adopt. They bring up all sorts of reasons why it's a bad idea to adopt, most of them emotional and maybe based on tradition. We don't do it in our family, they say, or what will people say? Others ask, what do you know of the child, and what if his/her parents have a shady past or background?

Personally, I've always been a supporter of adoption, and still hope to adopt a child someday, as a baby or a child. I will definitely advise any couple struggling with fertility issues to adopt, I read somewhere that it actually reduces the stress on them and may ease their own conception. It's also a way of giving back that is very non-self serving, if at the same time, very rewarding. In this instance, I kinda think nurture trumps nature. My parents brought up a lot of children, including relatives and househelps, and even if they didn't legally adopt them, it is the same difference. I don't agree it is not our tradition.

I'll quit rambling now.What about you, what do you think? Would you adopt?