Some more pictures from Las Vegas

So, I was going through my Blackberry the other day and discovered so many pictures I had almost forgotten. During our road trip in the summer, my camera battery went off a few times and my BB had to do backup. Because I had like a gazillion pictures on the camera, I forgot these ones. They're not the best quality, and it seems I'm yet to figure out how to save the flipped ones, but hey...enjoy!
Arriving at our hotel

A wedding in Vegas - I didn't know they had bridesmaids and all that. Lovely train, I liked the popping red.

View from our window, gorgeous. We got a high room and good views. Our hotel was right at the top of the strip.

Wandering the hotels, this was at the Luxor - they had an Egyptian motif going on.

Just trying out the machines, I couldn't bear to dash them my money, LOL...

Inside the pyramid of the Luxor - looking down at the central exhibits

Another wedding, this looked more like what I had in mind - Bride and groom + two witnesses.

We were tempted to go in and renew our vows, just for the heck of it.

Fully booked :(

Outside the Luxor

Las Vegas at night

New York in Vegas

Someone loves NY

Before the Brooklyn bridge - the fake one. 

I ran a caption contest on FB and someone suggested Dance of Passion. Another nice one is Scent of a Dance

Las Vegas is truly beautiful by night...

Almost magical.

Have a great weekend, and see you with my WIP on Monday. Mwah!