Blowing my Trumpet - 10 things I like about me

We need to credit ourselves more and know that we are full of "good stuff". So says Aloted of Purpose Driven Blog who thinks most of us rarely blow our trumpet due to social conditioning. I agree with her, and when she listed her own positive 10 things and threw open the floor, I decided to get on it. Watch out, cos I'll be tagging...

1. I can be very playful, and I like giving free reign to the child within me. It makes me feel very carefree, like going on the swings in a playground. I used to be a tomboy too, so don't be surprised if you see me climbing a tree. Thank God I'm still athletic enough to pull that off.

2. I find it very easy to say I'm sorry and mean it. Growing up I was very stubborn but with age, luckily, came some self awareness and maturity.

3. I don't take myself or things too seriously, I have learnt to let go and let God in most cases. If you insult me, I can even laugh. I might vex for a few minutes and then I brush it off my shoulders. Life is too short, abeg.

4. I think I make a good friend. I am a great listener (even if I do say so myself). Oh yeah, I'm blowing my trumpet here so let me go on soun :). I can be irritatingly logical if that is what you want, or we can throw sense to the winds and just do it. I will also be very loyal if warranted.

5. I usually look on the positive side of things. One of my tags on Twitter is Optimist and that's because I see it as a very big part of who I am. That is also the base of the romantic in me. I usually see an unfilled cup as half full rather than half empty. When I see a situation or a person, I first imagine what nice things might come of it.

6. I can be very open-minded, and will rarely judge and condemn a person or a situation. Most things have their good and bad sides and the debater in me will usually look for it, and help me keep my mouth shut, or try to be diplomatic when speaking.

7. I love love LOVE, lol... Yes o, anything to do with love sweets my heart. All kinds of love mind you, including the love of parents for their children, the bond between siblings, the links that friendships can build. But even more awesome is that love between two people that didn't know each other from Adam, and decide to be partners through thick and thin, and maybe for life.

8. I can get things done. I usually joke that once I'm part of something, it's not long before I'm noticed, and if I'm not careful, I'll be co opted into a leadership position.

9. I am generous. While I'm not father Christmas, I will usually give of what I have, and I will not ask for or expect anything in return.

10. I am adventurous. I like trying out new things in various areas. If there's a mountain, I want to climb it; a new city, let's explore it; an untried recipe, I want to put my own spin on it; having children, hmmm...why not? get the idea.

So who will I tag? After doing it, I've decided to throw this open. I realize that not everyone might want to post something like this on their blog for all to see. However, it made me think, and I benefited from it. So, I encourage everyone to go ahead and do it, and it's left to you to post on your blog or not.

Have a great weekend. Mwah!